Blue-green algae numbers increase; cautionary notice still in effect

   The most recent water tests have found the blue-green algae count has increased in the Barren River Lake. Therefore, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers is continuing its cautionary notice to boaters and swimmers.
   Contact with the algae bloom is capable of producing toxins that can be especially harmful to small children, those with illness and animals.
   The original cautionary notice that was issued July 19 at Barren River Lake is still in effect. The Corps is taking water samples on a regular basis to determine the extent of the algae bloom, and when the caution can be lifted. 
   However, the lake remains open to recreational users for swimming and boating, but they should be aware of the possibility of adverse health impacts associated with contact with the water.
   Due to high water, however, the beaches and swim areas are closed at this time.
  For questions, please contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Barren River Lake Project Office at 270-646-2055.

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