Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission proposes license, permit fee increase

   The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission has proposed a fee increase for some hunting licenses and permits.
The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources depends on license sales for funding. The Department does not receive state tax revenue.
Without additional revenue the Department will be forced to cut current programs and services such as fish stocking, law enforcement, habitat improvement, and conservation camps, according to the commission.
The majority of increases will involve non-resident hunting fees that will bring them in line with other states.
Additional increases will effect resident licenses. However, prices of basic hunting, fishing and trapping licenses will remain the same. The resident deer permit is proposed to increase from $30 to $35, and the Youth Hunting License from $5 to $6. Additional license increases for residents involve elk hunting licenses.
The commission has also proposed the creation of two new discounted licenses for residents: a 3-Year Fishing License for $55 and a Senior Lifetime Sportsman’s License at $82.
A proposed new Youth Sportsman’s License adds a youth deer permit plus a youth turkey permit for only $5 more, saving customers $15.
The Commission also proposed an increase to the Senior/Disabled License fee from $5 to $11. This license fee has been the same since its creation in 1999.
To review a complete list of proposed license and permit fees and and exclamation of the increases, click on Proposed License, Permit Fees and Explanations.


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