Sandhill Crane hunting permit applications accepted Nov. 15-30

   Hunters may apply for sandhill crane hunting permits Nov. 15-30 online by clicking Sandhill Crane Permit Application. There is a $3 charge for each application.
   The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources will issue permits to 400 hunters this year through a randomized computer drawing.
   Sandhill crane season opens Dec. 14, 2013 and closes Jan. 12, 2014.
   Applicants drawn for a hunt must pass an online identification test before they can receive a permit.
   Applicants must also have a valid Kentucky hunting license or be license exempt when they apply.
   Applications for the permits can only be made online at the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website.
   Kentucky Fish and Wildlife will conduct the drawing by Dec. 5, with results made available to applicants online.
   Drawn hunters must complete the permit requirements, including the identification test, by Dec.10 to receive their permit and tags by opening day of the season.
      The daily and season bag limit for each hunter is two birds. Hunters must telecheck their game the same day it is taken. The season will close earlier if hunters reach the quota limit of 400 birds.
   To remain eligible for the 2014-15 season, hunters participating in this season’s hunt must complete a post-season survey by Jan. 25, 2014.
   Kentucky’s season is statewide.
   However, sandhill cranes may not be hunted in the Beaver Creek, Skaggs Creek and Peters Creek embayments of Barren River Lake Wildlife Management Area.

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