33 Sandhill Cranes taken in two weeks; Sandhill Crane season ends Jan. 12

   Thirty-three Sandhill Cranes have been harvested since the season opened Saturday, Dec. 14, according to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Telecheck site.
   Hunters are allowed to take 400 Sandhill Cranes during the month-long season.
   The limit has not been reached in either of the two previous seasons. There were 50 Sandhill Cranes killed in the first season (Dec. 2011- Jan. 2012) and 92 killed last season (Dec. 2012- Jan. 2013).
   This year’s harvest, to date, includes 27 from Barrren County, one from Allen County, one from Hardin County, two from LaRue County, and two from Todd County. 
   Three-hundred ninety-nine hunters received permits to participate in this year’s hunt.
   This is the third year of hunting Sandhill Cranes in the Commonwealth.
   Kentucky’s sandhill crane season will continue through Jan. 12, 2014, or until hunters take 400 cranes, whichever comes first.
Each permitted hunter may take up to two sandhill cranes.
   Hunters must use the department’s Telecheck system to register each crane on the day the bird is taken.
   Biologists believe Sandhill Cranes congregate at Barren River Lake because thousands of acres of mudflats are exposed at winter pool.

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