Barren River, Barren River Lake fishing forecast looking favorable for 2014

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has issued its 2014 Fishing Forecast and the forecast looks good for Barren River and Barren River Lake.

Barren River (from Barren River Lake dam to Green River confluence)-
Hybrid Striped Bass- Fair to Good (tailwater; better during heavy lake discharges);
Muskellunge- Good (stocked annually);
Smallmouth Bass- Good to Excellent (best from dam to mouth of Drakes Creek);
Spotted Bass- Fair (throughout river);
Walleye/Sauger- Fair to Good (best below downstream dams, December-March).

Barren River Lake
Bluegill (Sunfish)- Good (good numbers of 6-8 in. fish);
Catfish- Excellent (good populations of channel and flathead catfish);
Crappie- Good to Excellent (good numbers of 10-12 in. black and white);
Hybrid Striped Bass- Good (overall numbers are good);
Largemouth Bass- Excellent (good numbers overall, good numbers of 15-20 plus inch);
Smallmouth Bass- Fair (lower density population overall);
Spotted Bass- Fair (lower density population overall);
White Bass- Fair (overall numbers remain low);
Yellow Bass- Excellent (abundant, most are 7-9 inches).
* Summertime (mid-June through September) oxygen levels are too low to support fish below 15-18 feet.

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