UPDATE: Repair and recovery begins at Narrows Marina following roof collapse

Click to see story on repairs and recovery from WBKO-TV.

A portion of the roof at The Narrows Marina on Barren River Lake collapsed Monday from the weight of ice and snow. The Narrow’s Marina owner Wayne Shelton told WBKO-TV of Bowling Green that the roof collapsed, damaging four house boats and two pontoon boats. One of the boats sank.
Shelton told WBKO-TV that “”when you figure up water, per square foot (inch thick) is roughly about 4.89 pounds. When you figure out the square footage that is up there, you’re talking about 250,000 pounds on top of that roof. It bent the post legs over (right above the walk way) and it just laid the roof over, right on top of the boats.”

Click to see original story from WBKO-TV.

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