Crappie are going crazy!

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Crappie are going crazy on Barren River Lake this time of year. As the weather warms (finally), fishermen are bringing in limits.
So what’s the secret?
Live minnows are working well as the water remains cool. As the water warms, lures become more attractive. Live minnows are working well on a small gold hook or tipped onto a jighead.
Location, location, location
As the weather warms, the crappie will move toward shallow water. Unfortunately, a cold front will also move them toward deeper water. When fishing, start shallow and move deeper. Even if the crappie are not in the shallows, they will be near in deep water.
One of the good things about crappie fishing this time of year is that when you find one, you will find several. Crappie school tightly this time of year and are hungry too.
If you are not having any luck at one place, stay on the move until you find them. They are out there.
When trying to find them, a trolling motor and depth finder are great to have. Trolling motors allow you move through the shallows at a steady pace, while a depthfinder may help find the crappie that have moved to deeper water ledges and brush tops and piles.
Spring is for Spawning
As any good crappie fisherman knows, spring is for spawning. And, crappie spawn in shallow areas.
Crappie also return to traditional bedding areas. If you are not familiar with the traditional sites, ask where you buy your minnows or review the Fish Locators Map (also to your right, under For More Information).
If you find that the crappie are not spawning yet, begin backtracking to deeper water. The fish often move in stages from the deep water to the shallows for spawning. As to where the fish are, depends  a lot on the weather.
When backtracking, look for break lines between the deep and shallow waters. Fallen trees, brush tops and piles are very attractive to crappie as they transition from the deep to shallow. Also, fishermen may find crappie stacking on main channel drops or ledges.

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