Barren River Lake Fishing Report


Josh Morris with one of his catches this week.

By Josh Morris
Hello fine folks! We have finally got summer pool on Barren River Lake! The water temperature is around 74 degrees and the fish are biting.
Bass are biting good. I caught fish this week from 4 inches – 12 feet deep. The better were shallow in spawning coves. They were beat up and guarding fry. Look for weeds and bluegills. The bluegills are beginning to spawn. The bass fry are in the weeds and around docks. Use a lizard type bait and a green jig has produced well for me.
Crappie are near wood in around 10 feet of water and are being caught on minnows and crappie jigs.
Catfish are being caught on bluffs with shrimp and cut bait. Also, long points may work for bank fishing with chicken liver.
Hybrid have been caught up where Skaggs and beaver meet.  Look for shad and troll.
Blue Gills are shallow in pockets and in huge numbers. A cricket or wax worm would be good options.
In closing, I would like to thank Eddie Goode for a great seminar. Goode was kind enough to come the Barren Outdoors and do a class for a varied group of Fishermen on depth finders. He specifically talked about Lowrance and Fishidy and I was blown away by all the great information. Also, it was great to see young and old together and learning about fishing. Also, I would like to thank Todd Logsdon and Barren Outdoors for giving us the opportunity to learn.
As always wear your PFD.
Good luck and God Bless.

Eddie Goode presenting a seminar at Barren Outdoors.

Eddie Goode presenting a seminar at Barren Outdoors.

Josh Morris is a tournament bass angler and an ambassador for FLW. He is on the water two to three times per week. Some of his information comes from the good folks at Barren Outdoors. You can follow Josh on twitter @joshmorris53. Feel free to email Josh questions at spottedm@gmail.comHe is sponsored on the tournament circuit by Barren Outdoors, G Loomis, ShimanoPsycho Fishing Lures, Blob Fish, Snack Daddy Lures, and Freddie’s Dugout.

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