Barren River Lake Fishing Report

By Josh Morris
Happy Weekend folks!
I hope everyone gets the chance to hit the water this weekend.
The lake will be full of fishermen as the TH Marine FLW BFL descends for their first event on Barren River Lake this year on Saturday. A lot of folks have been here all week to practice. The weigh in will be at 1:30 at Port Oliver the public is encouraged to come watch. On Friday, Barren Outdoors will be open after the FLW meeting to take care of any last minute needs for the tournament anglers.
The 5th annual Barren River Lake Noodling Tournament has been rescheduled for Saturday, June 24, due to high water. Information about the noodling tournament is below this post..
I will omit a bass report this week as I am fishing the FLW tournament.
Crappie are about twenty feet deep on flats.  They are holding on brush.
Hybrids are scattered but on the main lake.
Catfish are still very aggressive and on channel bluffs, or on rip raff around the bridges.  They are eating anything that is in front of them.  Look for rocks.
In closing I want to thank all my readers. I am very blessed and glad for all the emails and questions that you all send. Keep them coming.
If you want a sponsorship work for it. Remember it won’t be easy it won’t always be fun, and to show what you can offer that no one else can. If you have questions about any of this, email me. I would be glad to talk with you about it.
Good Luck and God Bless.

Josh Morris is a tournament bass angler and an ambassador for FLW. He is on the water two to three times per week. Some of his information comes from the good folks at Barren Outdoors. You can follow Josh on twitter @joshmorris53. Feel free to email Josh questions at spottedm@gmail.comHe is sponsored on the tournament circuit by Barren Outdoors, G Loomis, ShimanoPsycho Fishing Lures, Blob Fish, Snack Daddy Lures, and Freddie’s Dugout.

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