Barren River Lake Fishing Report

Mark Towe had a good day on Barren River Lake.

By Josh Morris
What a hot week we have had on Barren River Lake. As temperatures near the triple digits, the night fishing bite has taken the front seat.
Bass have been good at night on main lake points.  C-Rig and crank baits have been good.  Also I have done some flipping in the early mornings way up the creeks and caught some fish on jigs and big black texas rigged worms.  All of these have also worked on bluffs this week.  In other words the fish are scattered.
Hybrids are very active right now between the islands live shad is best.
Catfish have been good on jug lines again live bait has produced best.
I was able to get on the water this weekend with a reader, Mark Towe.  We had a great time I was very pleased to help him learn more about the sport I love. I was reminded at how much I tend to fish “memories”  it is a rut we can all find ourselves in. Drive by a tree and say my Dad caught a 6 pound fish there in 1987 so we lay the boat down and drag a jig through it.
Doing this can block the potential to learn, to catch fish. This is why a lot of times we hear of new folks coming and having a great day on the water while the locals are left scratching our heads. I will treat Barren River Lake, like I never fished it before next time and not fish the spots I have in the past. Looking for new areas that may produce better. I know fishing the memories is a confidence thing but lets face it folks, its confidence in the spot not our abilities that we are showing.
Trusting God can be like this. It is easy to trust God in the times that things are going well. It is when we get in a “rut” and the road gets hard that we question. Why? Why did this happen or why am I in this place right now? We have to remember that God has a plan and he is moving and working in our lives all the time. We must trust that it is all for our benefit and not just fish “memories.”  We have to have confidence in God and ourselves and branch out in order to grow as people and Christians. I Thank God for “ruts,” I thank God for understanding, I thank God for these reports and the great people I have met and talked with because of them.  So Thank each of you keep the questions coming as all of you are helping to improve me.
Tight Lines folks!
Good Luck and God Bless

Josh Morris is a tournament bass angler and an ambassador for FLW. He is on the water two to three times per week. Some of his information comes from the good folks at Barren Outdoors. You can follow Josh on twitter @joshmorris53. Feel free to email Josh questions at spottedm@gmail.comHe is sponsored on the tournament circuit by Barren Outdoors, G Loomis, ShimanoPsycho Fishing Lures, Blob Fish, Snack Daddy Lures, and Freddie’s Dugout.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    As it gets hotter here too, I agree that night fishing has been where it is at for us as well. We’ve experienced some good bass catches as well as catfish too.

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