Barren River, Lake water level rising

With the remnants of Hurricane Harvey blowing through south central Kentucky Thursday and Friday, rainfall measured between 5-8 inches across the Barren River basin. This additional water is beginning to drain into Barren River Lake and Barren River, where water levels are expected to rise throughout the Labor Day weekend.
Water levels

Barren River at Bowling Green
All levels are noon readings.
Aug. 30- 4.06 ft.
Aug. 31- 3.94 ft.
Sept. 1- 6.99 ft.
Sept. 2- 26.91 ft.
Sept. 2 @ 5:45 p.m. 27.64 ft. (estimated crest)
Sept. 3- 20.2 ft. (estimated)
At 23 ft., parts of Thomas Landing and Weldon Peete Park flood.

Barren River Lake
All levels are noon readings.
Aug. 30- 552.25 ft.
Aug. 31- 552.25 ft.
Sept. 1- 553.15 ft.
Sept. 2- 557.31 ft.
Sept. 3- 558.30 ft. (estimated)
Sept. 4- 559.50 ft. (estimated)
At 557 ft., the Baileys Point ramp and Quarry Road parking lots will flood. 

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