I live near Barren River Lake and enjoy everything that it has to offer.
I have been a journalist for over 30 years and taught journalism for over 20 years. I enjoy writing about the opportunities that the river and the lake and its surrounding communities offer both visitors and residents alike.
I hope that you will enjoy this blog and take advantage of the many things that Mother Nature, Barren River, Barren River Lake, and their surrounding communities have to offer.
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Clay Scott







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  1. Brandt Scott says:

    Nice job. Will try and visit more often.

  2. Looks good. It’ll be time to put a boat in the water before long with the temperatures climbing up like they currently are…

  3. Susan A. Legler says:

    Nice job Clay!

  4. Susan A. Legler says:

    Great job on the blog Clay! Fun to read about the place where I spent every summer weekend of my childhood!

  5. Joe Litera says:

    Really enjoy your blog. Do you by any chance have access to Cumberland River info out of Burkesville. Guides like Johnny Rush etc.?

  6. Joe Litera says:

    Hello Clay,
    Do you think we could get Josh Morris to write a short article on the turnover of Barren R Lake? When does the lake turn over and what happens to the bite? How long does this slow down last? Appreciate it
    Joe Litera

  7. Mark R says:

    Do you know if Barren River State Park will do the Trail of Scarecrows again this year?

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