Flipping and pitching best techniques for catching largemouth bass during spring

Flipping or pitching is one of the best techniques to catch largemouth bass during March and April.

Bass fishing can be good in the winter

The angler wishing to catch a huge largemouth bass in the 6 pound and up range has the best opportunity during the winter.

As water temps fall, bass migrate deeper

As water temperatures drop during late fall and early winter, the activity level of bass will begin to decrease. They start migrating further away from the flats and return to areas adjacent to deep water.

Live bait or artificial lures?

Which is considered better, live bait or artificial lures? Both presentations have their place in an angler’s arsenal.

Tube baits work well in fall on bass

As water temperatures drop into the upper 50’s and remains constant, look for fall fishing to be at its best.

Try crawfish for catching bass in October

Catching bass on live crawfish is at its best during October.

Fall fishing is at its best in October

Fall fishing is at its best during October.

As water temps fall, fall fishing improves

As the water temperature drops into the upper 60’s, look for fall fishing to be at its best. Concentrate on shallow pockets and flats adjacent to the river and creek channels. All species of fish will become more active as the water temperatures drop.

Find their food, find the fish

The old adage “find the food source and you find the fish” is as true in fall as any other time of the year.

Rattletraps are excellent lures in fall

Rattletraps are excellent lures to use during the fall. They mimic shad, the primary source of food during the fall and early winter months.