Beaches CLOSED due to high water

The Quarry Road and Beaver Creek beaches on Barren River Lake will be closed until further notice due to rising water levels.

Barren River Lake Fishing Report July 3

The fishing has been much better this week on Barren River Lake.

Fishing Tournaments June 29- July 5

There are no fishing tournaments scheduled for Barren River Lake June 29- July 5, other than the regular weekday tournaments.

31.7 lb. flathead wins Noodling Tourney

Team Spellman, composed of Eric Spellman, Wade Brewer and Brandon Hodges, won the Barren River Lake Noodling Tournament Saturday, June 28, with a 31.7 lb. flathead catfish.

Barren River Lake Fishing Report June 26

The heat and the crazy weather has effected the fishing this week. Fish are still being caught, but it has slowed down considerably.

Sunglasses are essentials for anglers

Sunglasses should be an essential part of every fisherman’s equipment.

Fishing tournaments for June 22-28

There is one fishing tournament scheduled for Barren River Lake June 22- 28, in addition to the regular weekday tournaments.

Barren Noodling Tournament June 27

The 3rd annual Barren Big Cat Noodling Tournament will be Saturday, June 27, 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., with weigh-in at the Barren River Boat Shop.

Barren River Lake Fishing Report June 19

The fishing at Barren River Lake continues to be good despite high temperatures.

KDFWR unveils stream fishing secrets

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is unveiling stream fishing secrets through a new information section on the department’s website.