Metal Docks by Quality Docks, LLC approved for Barren River Lake

Metal docks by Quality Docks, LLC have been approved for Barren River Lake.

Barren among up and coming fisheries

Barren River is one of the Fisheries Division’s Fishing Forecast’s “Up and Coming Fisheries,” a savory menu of potential fishing trips for anglers to try in the coming year.

Twisted Oliver Trail work underway

Work is underway on the new Twisted Oliver Trail on Barren River Lake showing in the Port Oliver Recreation Area.

February returns hope for anglers

February is the month when hope arrives back in many anglers’ souls.

Barren River Lake Midwinter Eagle Survey counted 19 American Bald Eagles

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Barren River Lake completed its annual Midwinter Eagle Survey on Barren River Lake on Jan. 9.

KDFWR, Corps can recycle your Christmas tree on Barren River Lake

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will use your old natural Christmas tree to create fish habitat around Barren River Lake.

Port Oliver constructing hike, bike trail

Port Oliver Recreation Area will be the site of a new hike, bike trail this summer.

Applications are being accepted through Nov. 30 for Sandhill Crane season

Applications are being accepted through Nov. 30 for Kentucky’s 2016-17 Sandhill Crane hunting season.

Barren River Lake Fishing Report

It is shaping up to be another beautiful weekend for fishing on Barren River Lake.

Barren River Lake draw down begun

The annual draw down of Barren River Lake to Winter Pool has begun.